Friday, August 28, 2009

Baux´s trip out east

Baux´s arrival
La Pena Arias Montana


the woofers, nick and saorcia

the alcazar, seville

medieval festival in cortegana

Portuguese border

restuarant at barrancos

Thursday, July 30, 2009

fiesta time in the sierra

the candelas de san juan, santa ana la real june 26th

the cortegana romeria, final day

long time no blog

Well going off grid really does mean that you dont get access too often. we have had a very exciting couple of months. the new finca is incredible, lots of work and sooooo beautiful. we wake up to the sound of cicadas and goats and go to sleep with geckos on our walls. We only have a very brief time to put things on here so here are photos of the finca and local inhabitants, the santa ana bullfight and a few other odds and ends. enjoy

the santa ana bullfight

our bus stop, 5 km from home

the drive to the finca


the deck and estanke from los marines


Friday, May 15, 2009

The new finca

Fran has been helping a dutch friend, Helma, strip and repaint some doors for a house she is redoing in Seville and wonderful lady that she is she put us in touch with another dutch gentleman, Peter who has a finca, on a mountainside, about half an hour away. Long story short, he needs able bodies and has an empty little casa on his finca and we need somewhere to live, where we can barter work for rent.

the drivewayBrillliant! He is a retired civil engineer, vegetarian and devoted walker, he has trapesed all over he world, and an all round nice guy. The finca is 6 hectares overlooking Santa Ana la Real with a view all the way to Rio Tinto, a mine used exstensively by the Romans and now a GIANT hole in the ground. We moved in last Sunday and have been weedwhacking, digging and clearing like crazy ever since. We will hopefully be adding to this more regularly as we now have things to write about, but being off the grid makes it a little hit and miss. Here are some photos to get you all in the mood.

the walking trail that starts at the dirt road to the finca

the spring for our drinking water

there is lavendar in bloom everywhere in the campo at the moment. smells divine

the bathroom/sculley building

the patio between the kitchen/bedroom buildng and the bathroom

the kitchen room, the bedroom is upstairs, with outside stairs

our own cave, for when we start making cheese

the chestnut, castaƱo, grove